Meher Baba Atlanta Video Library

Listing of available videotapes

The Witness Series Videos

1. Closer and closer to Him Eruch Jessawalla Remembers Meher Baba
2. Living with God Irene Billo remembers Meher Baba
3. Meher Baba, Lord and Friend Mehera remembers Meher Baba
4. All this and heaven too Mani remembers Meher Baba
5. Each one his duty Dr. Goher Irani remembers Meher Baba
6. The Beloved's Watchdog Agnes Baron remembers Meher Baba

Prasad Videos

  1. Welcome to My World
  2. Avatar
  3. Mehera, Meher Baba's Beloved
  4. Meher Baba's Call
  5. Beholden to Him: Interview with Eruch Jessawalla
  6. The Lord of Love: 4 short films of Meher Baba, 1952-1958
  7. To Be Natural: A Tribute from Eruch to Meher Baba


  1. Meher Baba in Italy 1998 Meher Baba European Film Archive
  2. A talk by Peter Saul
  3. Three Quarters of the World
    A chat with Bhau Kalchuri and Alexandria
  4. Marks of The Christian Science Monitor.
  5. Memories of Meher Baba
    Virginia Cremen Rudd
  6. Scenes from Meher Baba's Tour of Andhra, 1954
    Sufism Reoriented
  7. Mehera
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