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Meher Baba

When one truly understands the real meaning of joy and sorrow and all the other opposites of life, they all, in their own way, confirm the intuitive perception that all life is really one, and that it is the everlasting and illimitable Reality that transcends all duality. It is the overpowered and deluded mind which imaginatively creates the illusion of the multicolored world of duality, and then clings to it, inviting upon itself the turmoil and the discord of separative and limited consciousness. It creates divisions where there are no divisions in reality.

This separative functioning of the deluded imagination is like regrouping sunset colors in clouds according to one's own inclinations and filling the sky with variegated palaces and forests, forts and lakes, mountains and rivers, imaginatively projecting these multicolored patterns onto a void to which they are all foreign.

In the same way, consciousness, which is subject to dispositional and impressional determinism, seeks and creates an overpowering and false world, getting enmeshed in it and projecting into it a false value that must in the end, by its very nature, betray itself. It divides a reality which is essentially indivisible. It clings to a form which is essentially perishable. It glorifies itself in actions which are essentially binding and achievements which are essentially insignificant. It delights and suffers on the background of a void, thus depriving itself of any real happiness or understanding.

The only way to live in the sanity of undeluded understanding is to become aware of the impressional determinism of the ego-mind-heart and free it from this vitiating constraint.

The undeluded and transcendent understanding of the unconditioned Supermind reveals the Truth which remains forever an infinite Divinity that sustains itself in unbounded bliss, power and understanding. This is the unchallengeable Truth. The intuitive perception at once exposes the futility and nothingness of the temporal universe of forms, and affirms the ageless reality and fathomless significance of eternal divinity.

The Truth, which is self-grounded and self-justifying Divinity, needs no complementary supplements just because it overflows with a fullness that knows no deficit. It is at once the only being and also its own justification for being.


SPARKS OF THE TRUTH, pp. 68-69, ed. C. D. Deshmukh
1971 © The Universal Spiritual League in America, Inc.


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