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Meher Baba

My message today, to all those who love me and believe in my life, is that in order to escape this cosmic Illusion, and to realize and attain the supreme Reality, we must abide by the following:

First and foremost, our complete surrender to the God-man, in whom God reveals Himself in His full glory, His infinite power, His unfathomable knowledge, His inexpressible bliss, and His eternal existence.

Should this complete surrender not be possible, then one or some of the following, if faithfully carried out, can win the grace of God:

(1) Wholehearted love for God. Thirst for seeing Him, longing to know Him and burning desire for union with Him, constitutes this all-consuming love for which the lover forsakes everything, including himself.

(2) Keeping constant company with saints and lovers of God, and rendering them wholehearted service.

(3) Guarding the mind against temptations of lust, greed, anger, hatred, power, fame and fault-finding.

(4) Absolute and complete external renunciation whereby one leaves everyone and everything, and in solitude devotes oneself to prayer, fasting and meditation.

(5) Living in the world and yet practicing complete internal renunciation. This means attending to all worldly duties without attachment, knowing all to be an illusion and only God to be real, carrying out one's worldly affairs with a pure heart and clean mind, and living the life of a recluse in the midst of intense activity.

(6) Selfless service. One who practices this thinks not of himself but of the happiness of others, serves others with no thought of gain or reward, never allows the mind to be upset or disappointed; and facing all odds and difficulties cheerfully, sacrifices his welfare for the good of others. This is the life of the selfless worker.

THE PATH OF LOVE, pp. 111-112
1986 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust

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