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John A. Grant

The parents were sent outside to bring in their children to meet Meher Baba. Then the parents in turn introduced their children to him. Baba embraced some and patted others on the head. The children sat on the carpet and then Baba played games with them. First Indian style marbles with the boys; later a ball game in which all the children participated. Baba would look in one direction, then quickly throw the ball to a child in the other direction. The children enjoyed playing this game, because of the element of surprise.

After the games, Baba sent for a fruit cake to be distributed to the children as prasad. So Joan O'Brien brought in all the fruit cakes that people had lovingly made and brought there for Baba's use.

No, Baba didn't want those, he wanted the other fruit cake.

Joan said, "But there is no other fruit cake, Baba."

"Well, go and look," said Baba.

Joan came back and said, "No, Baba, there is no other fruit cake."

Baba said, "Look in your very top cupboard." And he described minutely to her, where to look.

A cake that Elsie Smart had made with great love, had been put up there and forgotten about. This was the cake that Baba wanted. Baba commenced to cut the cake, and then gave it to Eruch to cut into slices. Then Baba gave a slice of this cake to each one of the children as prasad.


1985 © John A. Grant


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