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The religion of Bhaktas or devotees of a Master is to carry out his wishes as far as possible. Hafiz says in one of his couplets:

Color your prayer-cloth with wine, if your Murshid asks you to do so,
because he is not ignorant of the "when's-and-where's" of the Path.

By this Hafiz means that if your Guru asks you even to go contrary to your own narrow religion of birth, you must obey his orders. The object of Shariat is to enable you to enter upon the spiritual path; but if you have the good fortune to come into contact with a worthy Master, you need not be fussy about the Shariat, for he himself will lead you to the Path, if you will be true to him and to yourself. He can take you not only to its threshold, but can advance you through its various stages which he has seen, known, realized and crossed. And it is for this reason that the "Nightingale of Shiraz" says:

O Hafiz! Go and worship your Master.
Get hold of his skirt with your hand and give up everything.


QUESTIONS MEHER BABA ANSWERED, Part 1, pp. 60-61, ed. K. K. Ramakrishnan
1975 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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