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Meher Baba

(Diary Notes by Elizabeth C. Patterson, April 20, 1933)

Today something I have not told before to anyone — how the first circle was formed.

There is one indivisible ocean of existence and one only. All energy, space, light, power, life, lie latent in this Ocean. Now, when the creation comes out of the creation point, it manifests in duality — because this is quite opposite to the Ocean — the Ocean being One, the opposite is many.

Everything exists in duality when out of creation point — good, bad, weakness, strength — all this lies beyond creation point — so first, in the very beginning, although this cannot be said to have a beginning, two drops came out of the Ocean — that is duality — and both evolved equally up to stone form, metal, etc., energy manifested in vegetable form, and the two drops, having the same form and same energy, face each other in the process of evolution.

Now in the very beginning energy was quite pure, and so a sort of tremor or irritation began. That is to say the two energies of the same quality and quantity facing each other attracted each other; and the attraction of the energies toward each other drew the forms together and so no intellect, no feeling, no emotion — and yet union was caused. This is termed Purwasunk — the sex union without the sex existing — original sexless union.

Now when they went on evolving and got the animal form, the energies increased, and the impressions of the union in the vegetable form then evolved into instinct. And instinct acting on energy created the primal sexual passion.

The soul has no connections with this. The soul remains quite aloof and this is all the outcome of energy and instinct moving together. The animals do not feel as human beings, do not love each other a bit, but passion in full force. Even attachment to children is not love, as some eat their children, some neglect them and so forth. This is not love or feeling but only attachment due to passion existing.

Now when the two drops got the first form, before the human form, which is the last animal form, full consciousness came and the consciousness overpowered the energy, and what happened was the two energies became one, and the two forms became one, so the two drops existed in one form.

The first human being having two selves in one form and one energy was Baba — the beginning of the Avataric period. Of that Avataric period begins that first human being who had full consciousness, but no self-consciousness, because impressions of his previous lives are in his mind.

Now full consciousness acting on that energy created emotion — to such an extent that it could not control itself. All desires for sex were in full sway as the two were united — so this double energy got divided again. The first human being had to undergo 77 forms, and in the 77th form they split and the link broke and the drops became separated and, as they divided, they got quite the opposite form, and feeling and sex now really appeared.

These two drops are the two lower extremities on the diagram*. As they have only the impressions, emotions, and so forth, of previous times, and nothing more, they quickly began to reincarnate, and, as they incarnated and reached the point on the right of diagram, they got 120 connections, or forms, some closely connected and others not so close. And then they united and child came.

As only these previous impressions and nothing more was there, the first human form went up by itself — being pure — and the 120 were drawn up with it. Thus the Circle of 120 realized itself. So whenever this — Baba — comes down, the 120 come down with him.

Feeling and emotion are only the creation of mind and energy. Love is creation of the soul.

*No diagram appears with this article.


LETTERS OF LOVE FOR MEHER BABA, pp. 241-243, Jane Barry Haynes
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