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Bhau Kalchuri

In response to a question about Jesus from Earl Turner, Bhau Kalchuri in a letter written in 1992, writes:

Meher Baba has disclosed that Jesus came to India along with His two disciples and He went to different places of pilgrimage in India such as Rameshwaram, Dwarka, Benares and other places in India and also Rangoon. And ultimately He went to Kashmir and dropped His physical body in Harvan near Srinagar.

Baba would reveal the Truth bit by bit so that one may not get a shock and one's belief may not be disturbed. In fact, Baba had disclosed this fact in 1924 when a Christian missionary had come to see Baba at Meherabad. When Baba took the group including Elizabeth and Kitty to Kashmir, Baba may have said about the spiritual body because someone must have asked this question. His whole body — physical, subtle and mental — is a spiritual body because He is the Truth and Truth has only the body of Truth after realizing the Truth.

Meher Baba spent some time in Benares during the New Life and started the phase of begging from Benares. He then went to Sarnath walking. Sarnath is the place of Buddha and there He lead the life of nakedness and meditation (langoti life).

Meher Baba has visited almost all the places visited by Him in His previous advents as Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed and He would not only visit these places but also He would be doing His work in seclusion there.

Meher Baba would not teach yoga or meditation. Baba defined yoga as "You go and I come." He has prescribed "Meditation in action." He has said, "I have come not to teach, but to awaken." And His work is only for the purpose of awakening mankind.

When His Universal Manifestation takes place all the dry rivers of different religions will be filled up with water in order to make each river possible to meet the Ocean. Therefore, we have to depend upon Him. Those who accept Him — He belongs to them. And those who reject Him — He still belongs to them. He's the Compassionate Father of sinners and saints both.


GLOW International, Feb 1997, p. 23
1997 © Naosherwan Anzar


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