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Meher Baba

Non-violence, pure and simple, is the beyond state of God. It is the goal of humanity; it can't exist where one is still in the stages of a "seeker," but one can however reach this goal through the means of "non-violence of the brave" or of "selfless violence," which means "non-violent violence."

Beloved is the goal. Love is the means. The lover can reach the Beloved through love.

God in the beyond state of Paramatman is love, light and life infinite. He is everything.

Unless one realized God and has love infinite, one cannot be purely and infinitely non-violent.

God does not include violence; so does Love not include lust.

Non-violence, pure and simple, is love infinite.

A lover who is longing to see the Beloved is in the same stage and category as a "seeker" on the path.

A Majzub who has been one with the Beloved through love is in the same state as God.

The difference between these stages may be explained in the following manner; suppose you are slapped or kicked by someone. If you do not retaliate but keep quiet and do nothing, it is in the category of a "seeker" who practices "non-violence of the brave."

In a similar case of a Majzub being slapped or kicked by someone, it is quite different. He has neither the necessity to keep quiet or control himself, nor has he to make an effort for same. For in his state of the Majzub, which is Divine intoxication, he doesn't at all "feel" the slap or the kick. He has gone beyond that state of "feeling."

The question of "feeling" even after God-realization comes only when the God-realized being again comes down to the world of phenomena with normal consciousness. There he can use non-violence, pure and simple, which is based on Divine Love, and try to persuade the aggressor (the one who slapped or kicked) through infinite love. Because, in his beyond state, where all souls are one, he is himself both the "striker" and the "stricken," the "aggressor" and the "aggrieved."


ed. Jane B. Haynes
1980 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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