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Kitty Davy

Baba told this interesting fact the other day, that all four aspects of the four great Avatars were embodied in the present Avataric period. The Buddha — with his poise, peace, calm exterior, and renunciation — is present in all Avatars whether it shows itself externally or not. Today, however, the work of the Avatar has to be active.

He is Mohammed in his strict discipline with the men, Krishna in his life up here [on Meherabad Hill] with the group, and Jesus in his work with the mad-men (masts), washing them, feeding them, healing them, etc., at the dispensary. This I thought was very interesting. Later on, by the time you [Dr. William Donkin] come, there will be here the leper ashram and an ashram for the distressed.

Baba is so happy here but He has caught a chill again washing all the masts. Also He has, as you say, such a sensitive body and His skin is so sensitive that the carbolic soap He uses and His having His hands so much in water does affect His skin and makes it very chapped and sore.


LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, Vol. 2, pp. 135-136, ed. Jim Mistry
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