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Darwin Shaw

Around Baba, the problem of dealing with sanskaras was given immediate attention. The heart center would open almost imperceptibly, and without any outward sign, Baba would remove a whole host of inner barriers. Waves of love that were coming from Baba all the time would break down the ego, melt the heart, and dissolve massive amounts of one's sanskaric rubbish.

And Baba's precious love-glances, which remain indelibly imprinted on my consciousness, would convey the beauty and sweetness of the divine Beloved. Soon I would find myself swimming in the Ocean of light and love. I would experience an instantaneous lifting of veils so that I could see more clearly within. Inner realms of his Being would be revealed to my consciousness, and I would have the experience of seeing God everywhere.

These experiences were the means Baba used to inspire me to continue making efforts to "decondition" my mind. This meant that I had to discover what I was thinking, feeling, and doing that I would have to discontinue, and what other thoughts, feelings and actions I would have to adopt.

So we have to keep working in order to retain that inner freedom; we have to discover what we need to do. It is a refining process. In this way, we gradually get spiritual understanding and will sustain these experiences of inner freedom....

All of this is done not just through self-effort but through enlisting the aid of the Master himself, so we have to accept his grace and interior help. As our friend, he is continuously working for our liberation. And because of his confidence in us, we can have confidence in ourselves, without egoism.


2005 © Darwin Shaw


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