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David Fenster

The girls had prepared a concert for Baba, but before it began, all of the women dressed as Arabian girls with scarves, applied make-up, and came onstage individually. A few then danced, as Small Khorshed and others sang backstage.

"We had to go out, one by one, and dance and pretend to sing," said Mehera. "I did it in a very modest, gentle way, not flashily, but very prettily. I mouthed the words from the singer backstage and gestured gracefully to the song."

Naja danced to a song that said:

Beloved, you look especially beautiful today,
With your garland of jasmine and roses.
But these flowers are nothing before your beauty;
They merely accentuate it.
Krishna, dancing with your chatti;
Your pose, as you frolic, captivates me.

Dolly was the shyest of the group and did not dance. Baba kept insisting that she must, so she did a few steps in the end. Then the main concert began. "We were determined to entertain Baba," Mehera stated. "We thought, 'He is going to the West so much; he will become too interested there. We must draw his attention to us also!'"


MEHERA-MEHER, A Divine Romance, Vol 1, pp. 243-244
2003 © David Fenster


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