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Adi K. Irani

When one thinks and feels, he does not necessarily act; but when one acts, he necessarily thinks and feels simultaneously. An act is much more important and effective than only thinking and feeling because it carries with it the triple movement of the body, mind and feeling. The resulting impressions are strong and potent for further actions that can be used to erase or neutralize all impressions in our bid to be united with God.

Some acts are helpful toward liberating man from impressions and some create bindings and deeper impressions. This is a mathematical relationship we hardly see or feel except indirectly to a small degree. The magnitude of their numbers, shades and interactions is too complicated for a clear understanding. Only Perfect Masters and the Avatar, because they are all-knowing, are fully conversant with them.

Avatar Meher Baba has made it very simple for us. He has reduced the entire problem to one that is solved through love. Love can permeate impressions, dissolve them and finally exceed them. For the ailment of man's suffering from binding impressions, Meher Baba has given us a positive remedy. It is not to be sought anywhere outside, but within us. Love functions within us as the very purpose of everything we do. From a sinner to a saint, this purpose or power motivates all our actions. No matter what the target we aim at — money, the opposite sex, power, fame or God — the propelling force is love. It is for the love of someone (including self) or for the love of something that we exert, we suffer, we enjoy, we live and we die.

Meher Baba wants us to lead a normal, natural, honest and hard-working life, and in the very midst of this life, perform such acts of love that will loosen the binding effects of our multifarious other acts of good and bad that we did and we do.

An act of true love is that which is performed by a lover for his or her Beloved who is the personification of God. Although the Beloved is too high or too vast for us to truly reach Him or contain Him, there is a way of life given to us by Meher Baba which can take us to where He really is. That way is to love Him and serve Him.

Let us come together and perform acts of love for our Beloved. They may be prayers, goshti, Sahavas, holding of gatherings, melas, distribution of literature, giving of monetary assistance, feeding the poor and many other things we can think out and plan, and in this way — through our talent, ability, industry, art, wit and generosity — express our love....

The time is not far when the gigantic cloud of darkness will burst with a multi-atomic thunder, outpouring Avatar Meher Baba's love in a deluge of His blessing. Until this moment of moments arrives, the work — the preparing of human receptivity — should be our prime concern. An eventuality like this, coming once in about a thousand years or more, will be lost if we are caught napping.

For after Meher Baba's Manifestation as the accepted Avatar of the Age by millions of people, we will have no room for work. There will be no need to work. Baba's message of love and truth will have stormed the world with a new bursting of light and a new awakening of God.


JUST TO LOVE HIM, pp. 40-41
1985 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Trust


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