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Rustom B. Falahati

Eruch often spoke on truth. He would frequently assert that "Truth is that which upholds a person," and told the story many times in Mandali Hall about how Baba, Himself, had brought this message home to him.

Elaborating on this theme one day he said, "You may narrate a fact, but in the process of doing it, if you belittle someone, then it's not the truth.

"A pilgrim once said to me, 'People don't like it if I speak the truth about their nature.' It depends on how you present it. You have to be careful about what you say and how you say it. If you hurt a person, then it is not the truth. For truth uplifts a person.

"Suppose you see a woman who is ugly and tell her that she is ugly. You have narrated a fact, but it is not the truth, for you have broken her heart. But if you were to praise her by saying that she has a simple heart and a friendly face, then it would be the truth.

"If you come to know that a Baba worker is doing something wrong or if he has made a mistake, you have to tell him very carefully. If you just blurt out his mistake to him, he will react with anger. It is because his perception will be that you are attacking him, which you are not, and he will then go on the offensive and attack back. That's what anyone would do if attacked.

"So you have to be very careful about how you point out a person's mistake. You have to be loving and tactful. First, you must win the person over with love. Let him know how his effort and work for Baba is appreciated. Praise him for something good he has done. Ask him what he is doing now. When he talks about his work and he comes to the part where he needs correction, carefully suggest to him the correct way to do it. Without telling him that he is wrong, suggest to him an optional way of doing it and make it appear that it is his suggestion and not yours.

"It's an art, a divine art. That's how it was around Baba. Even the most ordinary thing became difficult. That's what spiritual training is all about."

One of Mani's favorite quotes on the subject was:

Karo toe aisa ke Khuda bhi Kush ho
     aur shaitan bhi naraz na ho.

Behave in such a way that not only is God pleased,
     but even the devil is not displeased.


THE REAL TREASURE, Vol 1, pp. 19-20
2006 © Rustom B. Falahati


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