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I couldn't rest for one single minute last night as I was working. This morning when I got up from my bed, I was thinking that today is the last day to be with the groups as much a possible and I wanted to take the group outside for a drive as I am leaving tomorrow. This morning, something cropped up concerning finances. There is a question concerning all the groups' expenses, receipts and balances. I want to clear up this matter. I therefore asked for another board meeting.

My coming to the West and all that involves was a small affair, and the responsibility of the board is nothing compared to what Baba intends to do in India for the great meeting He spoke about yesterday. If there is confusion about the small affair of Baba's trip here, how will you manage the big affair in India? There should be no misunderstanding concerning Baba's affair there at that time.

When Baba comes down to your level, you completely forget about His Divinity and you forget that Baba knows every little thing. You forget about that when you see Him coming down to your level. When Baba inquires after your health, you forget that you must inform Baba of every detail, but, at the same time, you also forget Baba knows everything.

Don't worry about your children. You must take my word that God knows everything. I am God. When God says, "Don't worry," you should not worry — not give it a second thought. Suppose Baba turns His key and there is a earthquake tomorrow and within five minutes you all vanish, then what about your worries for your family and children? Stick to Baba's word. Whatever instructions He gives, just stick to them. Today, I want to clear up all about finances. All confusion must be cleared...

Keep your hearts clean with all that Baba decides. Do not keep back anything. There should not be any lingering misunderstanding after this meeting. Everything should be clean and cleared up. If you all have faith, belief and love that I am the Christ, which I am, then you must obey Me, you must love Me. If you are not prepared to obey Me or you have doubts and wish to carry out your own will, then you must leave Me. If you love Me, you must hold fast to Me.

This morning, I lectured the mandali for one-half hour on having breakfast — having meals twice. We should have had our tea or coffee in the morning, then our lunch in the afternoon. We called for a second breakfast* in the morning. When I saw the breakfast on the table, I gave them a lecture: "If you want to be a help, then you must not use money that was contributed!" In the morning in India, we have one cup of tea. For lunch, we have curry, rice and gravy. In the evening, we have four chapatis (Indian bread) and one vegetable.

On Friday, I ask them to eat only once and keep a fast the rest of the day. This morning, I became annoyed with the mandali because they wanted a good breakfast today. The mandali are near Baba, knowing Baba is the Christ. Having that, they must not call for breakfast. Most of the people of the world, all they have is only one square meal a day. In India, many don't even have that.

If you want to stick to Me, you must have a clean heart. There is no use sometimes having faith and sometimes having doubt. It is best to leave Me then, and you can lead your life in the world and be free. If you want to love Me, you should not try to create confusion among yourselves. All of you love Me. But, by loving each other, you will be loving Me the best. The best is to love each other. If one is to say something behind the back of the other, then how can you tell the world about My Love? If you cannot all love Me as I want you all to love Me, it is best not to speak to the world about Me.

Let's put an end to all hypocrisy. Let hypocrisy be completely wiped out from your hearts. I would love to see that. Someone says something, the other person naturally feels about it. Then the other person tells someone else what the other has said about him or her. You should have one heart — a clean heart. We are one family.

Baba wants you all to work harmoniously with clean hearts, without prejudices. Baba will be leaving you all tomorrow. Today is the last day. Let us ask pardon of God for our misunderstandings, for unnecessarily hurting the feelings of others, for our faults. May God give all of you one percent of the infinite patience of Baba.

breakfast* The mandali had ordered coffee and Danish as a coffee break, following the American custom. This displeased Baba because money had been contributed to bring Baba and the mandali to the United States. — Bili Eaton    RETURN

A LOVE SO AMAZING, pp. 42-44, Bili Eaton
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