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Delia DeLeon

When Baba came to England again on June 24, 1934, I had a flat in Hampstead all ready for Him to stay. It was a large flat with a garden, lent by my sister-in-law, and so we were able to accommodate Baba, Elizabeth, Norina, Kitty, Margaret, Mabel, and myself. The men mandali and Quentin stayed at Margaret's flat not far away.

My mother was then staying with my aunt and grandmother at the Star and Garter Hotel in Richmond (now the Petersham Hotel). Baba promised to see her so Minta drove us over and He had tea with them in their private sitting room overlooking the river. He was so kind and gentle with the old people and we naively accepted all this, not properly realizing how amazing it was that the Lord of the Universe, in the midst of all His work and activities, should find the time to visit one's relations.

Although, as always, He was attentive and charming, at one time He got a far-away look in His eyes and went out and stood quite a while alone on the balcony, looking at the river and the whole panorama, which is a very famous view. It was to this area that in the 1960's, a group of young Baba lovers came to live and work.


THE OCEAN OF LOVE, pp. 77-78
1991 © Meher Baba Association


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