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Judith Garbett

After an all-day trip on Sunday visiting Meherabad and Meherazad, the last two days were spent at Guruprasad. When taking Baba's darshan and saying goodbye to Mehera and all the mandali it was sad to realise that we would so soon be leaving. I still have a picture in my mind of that beautiful room at Guruprasad so filled with Baba's Presence and His love, as well as the love expressed in the eyes, actions and words of each of the mandali.

Baba had said that the Darshan would be only for His lovers; that it would be the last given in silence; and that it would be unparalleled. It truly was so. In contrast with the East-West Gathering, Baba's physical form was no longer there — instead, His Presence and His love manifested silently, privately, deep within each lover's heart, creating a new intimate companionship with Him. It was an intensely personal time.

And the times I spent with Mehera formed the beginning of so many happy hours with her during my visits to Meherabad and Meherazad over the next twenty years.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera, Pt 1, p. 5
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