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Margaret Craske

After the daily ration of chapatti had been made, Kitty, who at that time was directing the household chores, arranged that the finished products should be placed in tall tins and kept there until they should be used on the following day. One day by accident one of these chapattis, which were round and flat in shape, was somehow torn into the shape of a half moon and lay on the top of one of the tins.

Kitty did not like this and spoke firmly about it to anyone who would listen.

The next afternoon I passed through the kitchen. The cans were on the table and the lids were open and there was no one in the room. It was impossible to resist the temptation. I tore the top chapatti to the shape of a half moon.

There was quite a rumpus about it, and this time everyone began to take an interest in the affair.

The next day Fate, who like me did not seem to have enough to do, again gave me a chance to do the same thing, and again for this silly prank to be played unseen.

This for Kitty was the end.

With great indignation she straightaway went to Baba and told Him of this dreadful crime. He reacted to her annoyance as she hoped. The group was summoned, the story was told, and the culprit was asked to step forward.

Everyone seemed surprised when I meekly raised my hand and confessed that I was the sinner.

Baba raised His hands and eyes in mock despair, and then solemnly upbraided me for upsetting the household.

But since He afterward gave me an embrace of forgiveness -- and otherwise there would have been no embrace -- I do not think my repentance went very deep.

I had at least roused everyone from a kind of heat-induced lethargy in order to disapprove of me.


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