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Sheela Fenster

"When the Mahapralaya comes, I will be in Meherabad."

"Are you moving from Meherazad?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes. Haven't you seen that crypt? I will be staying there."

"You'll be staying inside there? Can I stay on the hill too?"

"You will be around me always. So don't worry about it."

"But I want to be near you when the Mahapralaya comes. It's frightening to see so much destruction. I should be near you."

"You can if you want to. But take my name, that will help you."

"I do, but sometimes, if something falls on me or if I am in an accident, I could die all of a sudden. I might not think of you at that moment."

"If you take my name every day and remember me more and more, you will remember me at such times, also. I will help remind you to take my name."

"Only if I see you. If you come in front of me when I am dying, then I might."

"I will come and help you."

About the Mahapralaya I asked, "But you said this world is all a dream."

"It is. Everything is a dream. But when you see me, when you see my physical form, it is not a dream. Right now, you are looking at me; it is not a dream. Even when you see me in a dream, that's reality, but you don't realize it. You are dreaming and you feel that it is a dream, but it is true."

"Every time you come in my dream and say something, is it a fact? Is it really happening? Are you really there with me?"

"Yes, I am, but you think it is a dream."

Baba added, "Sometimes when you dream, you are not just spending sanskaras. There are hints to the future in your dreams."

Baba mentioned that when the Mahapralaya* occurred, three-fourths of the world would be destroyed, but those who remained would be honest, devoted souls who never lie or cheat each other. "These lovers of God who survive will create a better world," Baba stated. "Today, even though I want to save people from their own actions and all the resulting bad things that are happening in the world, I cannot because it is their sanskaras that are causing them to act in this way. Even if you try to tell them, they won't listen."

*In God Speaks, the Mahapralaya is described as the total dissolution of creation. So perhaps what Baba was describing to Sheela was some other cataclysmic event.


GROWING UP WITH GOD, pp. 221-222
2009 © David and Sheela Fenster


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