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Judith Garbett

I went again to Meherabad and Meherazad for a happy month in October/November 1985, but had to cancel my 1986 booking because of injury to my back. This delightful letter from Mani helped assuage my disappointment:

A'Nagar 10.11 86

dear BACK of our dearest Judith,

Please get well soon and behave yourself. You know how much it means for Judith to come on her yearly pilgrimage to Babaland — So you ought to know better than to go "out" at a time like this! Oh I know, I know, it is one of Beloved Baba's blessings in disguise, and it is Beloved Baba's Will that she visit for His Birthday, I agree. But you might have come on earlier, as women don't like to have their plans changed suddenly.

Oh I'm not blaming you, I've decided to be very sweet to you in order to put you in a good mood so that you pull yourself together and don't give any more trouble to our gentle Judith — O.K.? And please tell Judith not to worry, as Meher Baba has said, and take it all as His dear wish. And while you're about it, you might convey much love and Get Well wishes from her Meherazad family.

Thank you and Jai Baba!        Mani

LIVES OF LOVE, Mani Part 5, p. 3
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