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Meher Baba

A group of students from the Ayurvedic College at Hardwar visited Meher Baba, and one of them said, "I wish to see God."

Baba composed this couplet in answer:

Some seek money
Some seek name,
Some seek power
Some seek fame.

Some want children
Few want God,
Life is a joke
And all is a Game.

Baba then explained the use of the word "seek" in the couplet: "What one seeks with all one's heart, one gets. When you say you sought and did not find, it means you did not seek as you ought to have sought. When God is found, if sought, why then should you not get the trifles you seek, if you seek them wholeheartedly?

It is said that if you carry your life in the palm of your hand you can enter the Path of Divine Love. If you say 'I want to see God,' it means you want to become God. It is like an ant saying, 'I want to become an elephant.'"


THE BEST OF THE GLOW, p. 5, ed. Naosherwan Anzar
1984 © Naosherwan Anzar


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