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It is natural to be tired on account of the body. Although the body and mind are two different entities, they are interdependent. When the mind feels tired, the reaction is felt by the body; when the body feels tired, so does the mind. Only the soul is aloof from both. All this feeling is done by the ego. The "I" does not feel content; that means "I am unhappy," "I am in trouble." All this is the ego.

Now this limited "I" takes all that is unimportant as important, and vice versa. There is a world of difference between importance and necessity. Bodily needs and comforts are unimportant but necessary. Spirituality, which is important but externally unnecessary, is taken as unimportant.

See how unimportant the external is. Quetta was a flourishing town and within five minutes it was destroyed. This is unimportant. If it were of real importance, the Infinite would not have it destroyed. Look at Spain. All that was thought to be of importance was destroyed.

All illusion comes and goes, but the soul remains unchanged. What is meant by God-realization is to actually experience this important thing — that the soul is eternal.

LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, Kitty Davy, p. 157
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