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Charles Purdom and Malcolm Schloss

Max Haefliger said, "I don't understand anything about you, but I like your people."

"That means you don't like Me?" asked Baba.

Max said something about liking Baba sometimes.

"So you like My people all the time," said Baba, "And you like Me sometimes."

Fred Frey said that he was up in a cloud; that Baba was just what he had expected; that he felt warmed inwardly by Baba's people; and that if he could bring Baba's love back to America it would make him most happy.

Will Backett said that his heart had echoed everything that had already been said, and that of course he was blissfully happy to be with Baba.

Charles Purdom said, "When you were speaking about the three types of conviction, I was reminded about what Jesus said in relation to seeing God — that only the pure in heart can see God. Would you explain that to us sometime?"

Baba promised that He would explain from tomorrow on. Then He turned again to Max. "Max, you don't like Me," He said. "Anyway, I like you all the same, all the time." Baba then repeated what He had said before, and elaborated on it.

"Before I met My Beloved in union — I lost everything, ego, mind, and lower consciousness, but thank God, I did not lose my sense of humor. That is why I appear amongst you like this, on your level.

"Yogis, saints, Sadgurus in India you will usually find in meditation, with long beards. You would not be allowed in their presence with shoes on, or smoking, but with Me you can do all these things because I am one with you and one of you.

"From tomorrow I will work in order that this visit of yours will not be merely a picnic or a sightseeing trek."


THREE INCREDIBLE WEEKS WITH MEHER BABA, pp. 25-26, Charles Purdom and Malcolm Schloss
1979 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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