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Meher Baba

The sacrifice of love is so complete and ungrudging that it has all to give and nothing to expect. The more it gives the more it wants to give and the less it is aware of having given. The stream of true love is ever increasing and never failing. Its simple expression is its simple giving over.

The complexities of the Beloved are a concern of its best attention and care. Endlessly and remorselessly it seeks to please the Beloved in a thousand ways. It does not hesitate to welcome suffering in order to satisfy but one wish of the Beloved or to relieve the Beloved of the slightest pain of neglect or indifference. It would gladly pine and perish for the sake of the Beloved. Care-worn and tormented, it waits not to attend to the very body which houses and nourishes it.

The tabernacle of love bursts under unmanageable restlessness, and gives birth to streams of love and supreme sweetness, until the lover breaks through his limitations and loses himself in the being of the Beloved.


DISCOURSES, 6th ed, Vol 1, pp. 85-86
1967 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Trust


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