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F. H. Dadachanji

It may be noted that the small group of Eastern women who accompanied Meher Baba to the West have, for over six years, lived a life of strictest discipline in absolute seclusion. For years they have neither seen men nor heard their voices; they have not walked beyond the boundaries of the Ashram-on-the-Hill. They have been kept aloof and away from Baba's external activities.

These women, although modern in culture and customs as individuals, have unconditionally accepted for years the severe training of humility, doing any kind of manual work, and have passed through severe tests which one would hardly believe human nature could endure.

It may also be explained that this special training is the reverse of the life of His men mandali, who practice in the outer world what might be termed herculean tasks.

The interesting fact is that this seclusion for the Eastern women was maintained in the strictest manner throughout the voyage and also during their stay in the West at Cannes, despite the innumerable difficulties caused by the inevitable formalities of travel and other complications arising from many circumstances.


TREASURES FROM THE MEHER BABA JOURNALS (1938-1942), pp. 19-20, ed Jane Barry Haynes
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