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Kitty Davy

I recall the day [in March, 1939] we went with Baba to the Amber Palace, the old palace of the Maharaja of Jaipur. One of the annual festivities was in progress, and in the courtyard were many decorated elephants and many cars of the guests. There was also a council meeting and everything was ready for the reception of the Viceroy. When we arrived with our pass, the order was "No visitors," with or without passes, because the Maharaja was in residence and the Viceroy was arriving shortly. Baba, for some reason, meant for us to see the inside of the palace — and so we did finally, through the back gate.

The crowning incident of the day, however, was a far more important meeting than all the pageantry we saw. On the way to the palace Baba had us get out of the car, cross the road, and walk up to a platform or parapet from which we had a wonderful view of the palace. Baba was very quiet. As usual He was looking around, but not in the direction of the palace, as if expecting to see someone.

A moment later He motioned us all to look to the right, up the lane on the opposite side of the road, leading to the woods. There we saw a half-naked figure. Baba explained to us that he was a mast and the spiritual chargeman of Jaipur. Then at once Baba returned to the bus, and we continued our journey to the palace — Baba now in quite a different mood than before, jolly and interested, for His work there was done. Baba said before we started on this trip that He had to make many of these spiritual contacts in person.

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