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Part II


R. S. Singh Baghel

One of the workers said, "Baba, how is propaganda possible without raising money?" With a meaningful look Baba's immediate response was, "It is only without money that Baba's real work can be done. What do you mean by propaganda? The very word makes Me look down [belittles Me]. Since ages My work has been done without money."

After a variety of subjects were discussed during the intimate conversation that ensured, Baba eventually announced His decision:

"I have heard what you have said. Now I will make some points clear. I know KDRM are not dishonest. K is very particular about money; D has some money with him; R has no money. M the same. It is natural for them to think that for spreading Baba's message far and wide they need money. But to depend on money to do Baba's work and to extract money by hook or by crook is absolutely dishonest.

"From the day I kept silence, I stopped touching money. But from that day till today, you have no idea how much money has "flowed" through My hands. Yet I have not a pie with me. I am the Fakir. But money comes and money goes. If you depend upon money for My work, then do not work for Me, because how will you get money? Let us be very practical."

K. Sastri said, "I feel it is the life we lead which is important."

Baba continued:

"Very good. Live such a life that you show others that you love Me. To ask people to give money and then in return to propagate Baba's message of love, "how does it sound? Absurd! So, unless you four have something else to suggest other than raising funds to disseminate My message, it would be better if you stop what you call work and begin to live the life of love. Let there be no compromise in this, otherwise the whole thing will merely be a show, a mixture of honesty and dishonesty."

"Katta Subba Rao might say, "I am not a fool; I can do Baba's work independently [of KDRM]." Kovvur people will say, "We are capable of spreading Baba's love, why must we be directed and controlled by KDRM?" And likewise from others.

"Remember, in these sixty years of My life this is the first time I have attended such meeting.... Not even in Hamirpur was a workers' meeting like this called. But because I felt that something is seriously wrong here, I called this meeting. Absolute honesty must be there, or there is no Baba-work.

"I am Baba and I know everything. KDRM must stop functioning as a committee from now on. Have you anything to suggest? Am I unjust in dissolving KDRM?"

Each of the four members of KDRM were then asked in turn whether they thought Baba was being unjust in dissolving KDRM. Each said, "No."

Baba then declared:

"KDRM is dissolved. Andhra Meher Center and all other Meher centers in Andhra should be discontinued as they are presently functioning. Neither KDRM nor any centre nor Meher Publications nor any literature on Baba will have anything to do with Me directly as I shall have no concern either with KDRM as a whole or with any of the centres in Andhra.

"Let each Baba lover be a Baba centre radiating My message of love through living the life of sacrifice, love and honesty for the divine cause. Let every lover, whoever and wherever he may be, be Baba's centre in telling people Baba's message that God alone is real and everything else is unreal and that therefore all should love Baba.

"So, from today, KDRM, Andhra Meher Centre, and Meher Publications are dissolved. Let true workers become Baba's centres. And, for God's sake, for Baba's sake, beware of money. One pie taken from others with false pretensions makes one die a million deaths! Let principle in work and honesty in life prevail.

"Now, once again, I will confess before God, whoever He be, on behalf of all, because the Eluru people were not here when I confessed the first time. After the confession, if you really love Me, even a little, I want your hearts toward each other to be clean. Forget your past differences, clean your hearts and live for Baba if you love Baba."

At this point, before the prayers began, one of the workers asked Baba, "How, if all centers are abolished will your messages reach us and the people?" Baba replied:

"All those who love Me and want to work can share My message with others. Those who have money and can afford to go from place to place should spread My message of love in distant nooks and crannies. Those who have little money can easily go around their own towns and, by living the life of love, inspire others to love God. Those who have no money, large families and no spare time, should share their love with their own family members and friends. Let Baba's love be the center, the office, and the work. Is that not right?"

The light of God sparkled like a flame in Baba's eyes as He announced these drastic decisions. None had expected such a turn of events and many looked anxious as Eruch was reading out Baba's board, wondering what else Baba was going to declare.

"Love Me; Love Me; Love Me."


2010 © R.S. Singh Baghel Advocate


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