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Bhau Kalchuri

Pendu was the manager at Meherabad, and handled all the money and kept accounts. On one occasion, Dattu showed Pendu's account book to Adi Sr., who complained to Baba about the accounts not being regular. So Baba sent for Pendu and criticized, "Your accounts are not correct."

"They're perfect," Pendu protested.

"Every item in the account should be listed separately," Adi pointed out.

"Do banks have different coffers for their money?" asked Pendu. "The money is kept together and accounts are written separately. Similarly, I too have kept the accounts separately."

His reasoning upset Baba who spelled out to him, "You are quite loyal and none can ever doubt your faith; but you don't know the first thing about accounting. What Adi says is true."

Baba went on lambasting Pendu in front of everyone and Pendu grew very angry. But he stood still listening to what Baba was dictating.

Afterwards, Dattu came out of his room and Pendu followed him. Catching hold of him he said, "You're the cause of this trouble," and gave him a hard slap. Baba overheard him and ordered them both into his presence. He severely scolded Pendu and ordered him to touch Dattu's feet.

Pendu did it and forgiving him, Baba explained to Pendu, "Dattu is not the root of the quarrel; it is the wrath of everyone! If there is no anger, there is no quarrel.

"You have dedicated your whole life to me and have been serving me for years together with all your heart. But up to now you have failed to dedicate your anger to me. If you do it, you will be unequaled."


LORD MEHER, Online revised ed, pp. 2483-2484
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