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Adi K. Irani

If we go through the spiritual path there are a lot of dangers, and we may not be able to go to the end of our journey. But if we go blindfolded under the guidance of our Master who is Perfect, and try our best to exercise self-effacement, then we are absolutely safe.

He gives the inner strength. And the inner strength and the inner conviction that Meher Baba gives us in the state of our ordinary consciousness is more powerful than what a man going on the spiritual path experiences of the higher states. This is because both the ordinary state of consciousness and all the stages of the inner path are drowned in the ocean of illusion. The aim of life is to get away from the state of duality and merge ourselves into unity. Even if one is on the sixth plane of consciousness, he is able to see the existence of God everywhere, but cannot unite with Him.

Many, many people who get stranded on the way are going through many types of practices, and they do not know the way. How could one really travel the path unless he knows the path himself? It is a leap in the dark. If I do not know where the next step lies and where I should take a jump, I could break my ankle, knee or backbone. This sort of progress is absolutely in the dark. But Meher Baba knows the path. That is why He asks you to be quiet, have patience, have faith, have conviction about Him, and love Him; and He will do all your work.

My only end and aim should be to do as one poet says, "Out of all my sincerity and love, I place my heart at Your feet. Now it is up to You to bless me anyway You like; it is not in my hands."

The things which are in His hands, I should let Him do. The things which are in my hands, I should do. But I should not try to overstep my knowledge or authority and poke my nose into things Meher Baba wants to do by asking Him the question, "When shall I get God-Realization?" In the very asking of the question, I doubt His knowledge.

If we really believe that Meher Baba has one hundred percent knowledge of everything, then does He not know when we are going to get God-Realization? Must we ask Him the question? We should not place ourselves in this position in our relationship with Meher Baba....

If I am a sincere Baba lover, I do not bother about the path. What do I want? I want His Reality. Whether it is a path or a bath, I do not bother about it.


JUST TO LOVE HIM, pp. 70-71
1985 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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