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Meher Baba

A teacher who is a Master of Arts but who wishes to teach the alphabet to children, must of necessity bring himself down to their level. Then only will he be able to teach them and step by step bring them to his level. If he does not come down from the heights of his attainments to their level, then all his labour will end in nothing.

Similarly a Perfect Master has to bring himself down to the level of his disciples so that he may be able to impart his knowledge to them. He has also to take into consideration the circumstances in which he finds himself before doing anything.

Take the case of the Arabian Prophet. When he was harassed by his enemies and threatened with premature death, he actually fled from Mecca and took refuge in Medina, and by so doing he acted just as an ordinary man when confronted with such an emergency.

Majzoobs cannot act like Saliks and Sadgurus, for they are so much drowned in the sea of Divinity that they have not the slightest consciousness of their body. They cannot impart knowledge to others and show what Truth is.


THE GOD-MAN, pp. 36-37, C. B. Purdom
1971 © Meher Spiritual Center, Inc.


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