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David Fenster

"It was 7:30 now," Mani reminisced. "It grew dark. A few stars came out. It was lovely. Baba looked so beautiful, seated with us. That was a very beautiful time with Baba. Those were the days, as they say."

Baba often said, "Make the most of it. You are sitting quietly around me. It won't be like this in the future. There will be so many coming up this hill." Baba made a gesture that seemed to indicate the "West."

Mani could not imagine it. They were living alone on Meherabad Hill, so secluded, so isolated, so cloistered. It was difficult to imagine anybody else living there.

She noted wryly (to a few young Westerners), "In the future, Meherabad will be so different you won't be able to imagine it, and will remember it as it is today!"

Once Baba revealed, "In the future, people will have big heads and no hair. Won't that be wonderful — no combing and no oiling!" He added, perhaps in jest, "And there will be no cooking. People will swallow pills!"

Baba startled Freiny by remarking, "You are wearing bangles and a sari now, but in your last life you were a man."

Baba indicated that Mani too had been a man in her previous life, and would be one again in her next and final incarnation as a Perfect Master. On another occasion, he said that he was already God-realized when Mani was born, and he had brought her down especially to be with him.

"We never asked about such things," Mehera said, "but something happened that day in regard to Mani, and Baba said this." About herself, Mehera speculated that she had never incarnated as a man. Although Baba never commented about it, Mehera stated: "I think I was a woman from the very first."


MEHERA-MEHER, A Divine Romance, Vol 1, p. 277
2003 © David Fenster


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