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Ruano Bogislav

I received a letter from a woman who had previously sublet my apartment, asking if she might have it for the month of July. I stopped with a friend whilst trying to decide what I had better do during this month, when a letter came from Quentin telling me that Baba had arrived and was in Porto Fino, Italy, and that I was to come quickly. It all became very clear why my apartment had been rented, for it gave me the wherewithal to go quickly, otherwise I would have had to borrow.

I arrived in Porto Fino July 8th, 1933 and was met by Quentin and Margaret Craske who had found a room for me in the village. I shall always be deeply grateful to Quentin for he did not forget his promise, which had made him indirectly responsible for my great happiness.

Baba was in Rome but was returning to Porto Fino that night. Next morning, July 9th, Quentin came to fetch me. The house where Baba was staying was on a high hill overlooking the Mediterranean and surrounded by a beautiful park. The moment we entered the gate I began to cry and it became worse as we climbed the hill. I was thoroughly ashamed of this behavior, especially as I looked a sight and could not stop crying.

By the time we reached the house, I was in a dreadful state. Quentin brought me a glass of water, but nothing helped and then the door opened and Baba stood there.... I cannot remember what I did, I know that I looked and looked. It probably was only for a moment, but it seemed to me as if I had been looking for ages, and then I put my hands over my face and cried more than ever.

I shall never forget the kind and gentle way in which Baba led me to a sofa and made me sit beside Him and patted my hand. Through my sobs I tried to tell Him how sorry I was that I could not stop crying. He spelled out on His board to Quentin, "Tell her it is just as it should be."

I had a great fear that He might send me away, so I asked if I was to be sent away, but my Beloved Baba shook His head, "No." I was then told to come to the garden every morning from ten to twelve and every afternoon from four to six....

People meeting Baba for the first time always wonder what they ought to say and how they aught to act. This is all useless, for the minute one comes into the presence of Baba, the answer to what one should do or say is all there. Everything is there.


WHEN HE TAKES OVER, pp. 7-8, ed Bal Natu
1988 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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