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C. B. Purdom

Though he had good attention at Satara [after Dec 2nd accident], Baba listened to the doctors' plans and was taken to Poona where there were better medical facilities. The healing of the fracture seemed to progress satisfactorily, but he continued to be in great pain.

At one point in his illness, the Hungarian uprising being in progress, Baba made one of his extremely rare comments on political affairs, saying, 'The Hungarians are suffering much in their present struggle. Many lie wounded and helpless on the roads, away from their loved ones and from care and relief from pain. At least, I am lying on a bed, with the care of good doctors, and the love of all my lovers, present and absent.'

He continually said, 'I am happy. It is as I wanted it.'


THE GOD-MAN, p. 289
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