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Najoo Kotwal

The bus left Multan for Khar at 2:00 a.m. That night it was pouring rain, and the roads were terrible. The bus rattled over a railway bridge consisting of wooden planks, then went on to cross five more dangerous bridges. The last one, the bridge at Muzaffarnagar, was the largest and most treacherous, as it crossed a tributary of the Indus River, which was by now swollen from the rain.

This bridge was an improvised construction of floating boats with wooden planks tied to them. Everyone on the bus agreed that what happened next must have been a miracle.

At first the watchman said that the car carrying Baba could pass, but he told Papa Jessawala's son Eruch, who was driving, that the bus could not go across, as the bridge had been built to hold only two and a half tons. The Blue Bus, with all its passengers, trunks and bedding rolls, weighed around five tons. However, Baba insisted that they must all cross the bridge immediately and continue on their journey. After much persuasion from Eruch, the watchman agreed that the bus could cross — but only after he had taken a statement from them in writing that they were doing so at their own risk and were responsible for whatever happened.

Baba's car went across about a furlong ahead of the bus. The rain was falling heavily and the water tossed mightily, but the Master's orders had to be obeyed at all costs. Eruch was at the wheel, and he drove bravely onward, leaving their safety entirely in Baba's hands. As the bus started forward, Mummy said she saw Baba turn in His seat so that His gaze was on the Blue Bus the entire time they were crossing the bridge. Because of the weight of the bus, the boats and planks were springing up behind them with terrific force and cracking noises, sometimes breaking into pieces.

The ladies repeatedly cried out "Sadguru Meher Baba ki Jai!" with all their hearts, some of them thinking that they would definitely sink, all of them looking to Baba for help. Despite the cold, everyone was perspiring, knowing that only Baba's nazar could take the Blue Bus across that bridge to safety. When they finally arrived at the opposite shore, Baba told them their safe crossing was not a miracle, but rather the result of their faith in Him.

Every person present, however — those in the Blue Bus, those in the car and even some onlookers — was convinced that the waters had beheld their Creator's gaze and obeyed implicitly. Only He could have led them safely across.

Later everyone was also struck by the fact that Eruch had never hesitated. He was absolutely lionhearted as he drove on, with 100 percent faith in Baba, who had told him to cross the river. Needless to say, this memory of the Blue Bus tour is one that stayed with Mummy always.


2006 © Meherwan Kotwal


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