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Bili Eaton

The Saint Gadge Maharaj once said, "Baba is like the Sun, and I am like a little lamp."

And Kaikobad says, "Baba is the Sun; and Maya is the Moon. She tries to obstruct and eclipse the earth from the Sun's brightness. But the glory of the Sun is always shining, and His love and compassion can never be hidden from us for long even by our ignorance and attachment to Maya."

I like his simile, for doesn't Baba say, "I haven't come to give anything that isn't already there. I have come to remove that which hides Me from you." And what is to be removed?

Something impossibly difficult, as Hafiz says:

"Hafiz, remove thyself, for thou art the veil."

Oh dear, it's good Baba isn't a "perfectionist" in the sense I mean — just Perfection. Or where would we imperfect ones be? We whom he refers to at times as "pearls" and at times as "broken-down furniture." But, then, He seems to like it this way! Thank heavens!


A LOVE SO AMAZING, pp. 124-125
1984 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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