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The vicious circle that needs to be broken through is that the distorted mind-heart of the limited ego cannot see the meaning of life, and therefore, it also cannot free itself from its own distortions and resistances. The vicious circle can be broken only if the distorted ego-mind-heart of the aspirant becomes submissive to the Master and allows itself to be illumined by the infusion of meaning imparted by the Master.

The infusion of meaning may, in the initial stages, appear to take upon itself the limitations to which the mind-heart is subject, just as the air which goes into the toy balloon will seem to get conditioned as it occupies the diverse hollows of the inner surface. But this is only a temporary phase. It ultimately culminates in the disappearance of all creases and wrinkles on the balloon, after inflating it to the full size. But this is the only way in which all creases and wrinkles could be removed.

In the same way, the Master cannot infuse the meaning of life in the psyche of the aspirant except on the lines engraved upon it by his own past. He has to enlighten the aspirant by making use of the sanskaric or impressional dispositions previously acquired by the aspirant. He makes explicit the meaning which lies implicitly and inscrutably stored in the dispositions of his own ill-understood experiences by taking away their muteness, as it were, and giving them a voice.

Only after the mind-heart is fully infused with Truth, do all of its distortions disappear. But after that, in the place of the confusing and distorting inscriptions which yield no meaning, there appears in the unlimited mind-heart the lucid and unambiguous self-explanation of life, written by life itself. The Master does not graft on the disciple some alien Truth from outside. He enables the aspirant to decipher the code of life by restoring to his mind-heart the vitality that can heal all of its sanskaric distortions. This is the significance of the annulment of impressionary dispositions, the removal of the distorting wrinkles of mind-heart.

During the process of perfecting or rounding up, all the distorting contours of sanskaric or impressionary dispositions disappear, and they no longer limit the functioning of the mind-heart. But this does not mean irrecoverable loss of memory and the lessons of experience, or the destruction of the recorded history of the striving individuality. When the Truth-inspired mind-heart wants to remember its past, it can do so with utmost ease, not only vividly and clearly remembering the present life, but all the innumerable lives through which the striving and ascending individuality has arrived at the goal of the unlimited life of the Eternal. And this memory is clear, definite, and complete, in all the wealth of inexhaustible details of incidents and occurrences.


SPARKS OF THE TRUTH, Dr. C. D. Deshmukh, pp. 72-73
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