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Meher Baba

Life is eternally scrawling its own meaning on the ego-mind-heart. But its script is not intelligible to the consciousness entangled with it because of the distorting sanskaric or impressional engravings left upon it by past experiences.

The ego-mind-heart cannot freely and intelligently function in the present with the necessary alertness and alacrity, owing to the inherent inertia and resistances created by these past engravings. The inevitable result is that it partly misses the import of the revelation of Truth in the eternal present.

Thus, psychic distortions are due to inertia and inertia is due to psychic distortions; and there is an unending vicious circle.

Suppose that in the ... example of the deflated balloon, the wisest Truth had been written on its wrinkled surface; no one would be able to read the script. But if the same toy balloon is now infused with air or gas, the wrinkles will all disappear and the script on the finely rounded surface can be deciphered with utmost ease, making it possible for anyone to understand what the writer wanted to convey.

In the same way, the meaning of what life has written on consciousness can be easily and unmistakably grasped only if the sanskaric distortions are mended and taken away by an act of the Master's grace, infusing it with a new life-force and receptivity to Truth.

SPARKS OF THE TRUTH, p. 72, ed. C. D. Deshmukh
1971 © The Universal Spiritual League in America, Inc.


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