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Darwin Shaw

... we know from Baba's explanations what the goal is. And we can do a great deal toward helping our spiritual unfoldment, since we know where we are heading and what we must do and not do in order to make progress. We are conscious of what is going on within us — or we can be. We all have an inner barometer that tells us what darkens or lightens the heart and lifts or dissolves the veils, and we can check the barometer while things are happening within us.

If whatever we are doing gives us a feeling of light, so that we can see more deeply within and have more spiritual insight, we know we are on the right track. But if our thoughts, words, or deeds make things more cloudy, more obscure, and limited, we can see that something is trying to keep us bound to the gross level of consciousness, and that this is not to our advantage spiritually....

We need to value the insight and inner strength that comes to us through clearing away the veils. Meher Baba says that more inner wisdom will be revealed to us in accordance to our fidelity to the insight we have. In other words, by respecting whatever insight we have and living by it, putting it into practice instead of ignoring it for pleasures or whatever else would preoccupy our consciousness, we will gain more insight.

But if we continuously make bad choices, we make it harder for higher insights to be revealed to us. All these things vary with the individual, and we have to experiment with the concepts we have. This is part of the involution of consciousness.


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