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Mehera J. Irani

Baba was very fond of music, and as I have said, His was a very beautiful and sweet voice. Sometimes Baba would sing in the early mornings, and so lovely was His voice that He could sing beautifully even before brushing His teeth and having tea.

Early one morning, after we had quickly rolled up our bedding and put it aside, splashed our faces with cold water, and brushed our teeth, we were rushing to make tea for Baba. I was pumping the kerosene stove which is very noisy, when my mother said, "Listen! You can't hear because of the stove, but Baba is singing. How beautifully He is singing!"

As we listened we could hear Baba's voice coming nearer and nearer. He was singing a new song, not a qawali, but an ordinary song with a pretty tune. At first we stayed in the middle of the room as we knew Baba would not like us to stare at Him from the windows, but we could still see out. Baba's voice came still nearer, and then around the corner of the Post Office He came; and we saw Him. It was just at the crack of dawn, and the dawn light was on His lovely face. So beautiful He looked in His white sadra with His hair loose. And as He sang He danced so gracefully. It was just a glimpse for a few second, but the sight of Baba dancing and singing in the dawn light is something I shall never forget.

As Baba turned towards the corner of the verandah we rushed to the window to see more, but He had gone from our sight. But we did see Him for those few seconds, so slim and beautiful in a white sadra, dancing and singing spontaneously because He was happy.


MEHERA, pp. 67-68
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