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Bhau Kalchuri

After the second accident, Baba used his upstairs bedroom at Meherazad and was carried there each day in an armchair. The night watchman always sat inside Baba's room. This was necessary because Baba would often get leg spasms while he rested, and whenever this occurred, whoever was on duty would sit on the bed in order to massage Baba's feet.

One night I was sitting on Baba's bed with one leg dangling over the side while I held and pressed Baba's feet. Baba was snoring loudly. Even though I had experienced Baba's omniscience in Satara in this regard, still the thought pestered me: "Baba is snoring like an ordinary man. How can it be that the Avatar has conscious sleep?"

Suddenly Baba restlessly began snapping his fingers. I stood up, and as soon as both feet touched the floor, I saw a poisonous snake — a krait — just inches from my feet! I would surely have been bitten had Baba not drawn my attention there. Baba told me to kill the snake which I managed to do with great difficulty as I had never killed a snake in my life.

Baba then asked me, "What type of sleep do I have?" I laughed, and Baba gestured, "Just remember that I can never sleep like an ordinary man. I am always awake. I am always conscious doing my Universal work."

1984 © Bhau Kalchuri


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