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Ramjoo Abdulla

The much expected day at last arrived! One by one, the guests began to arrive, and the Manzil became full with merriment and animation. The tent has been beautifully decorated by Navroz; specially a corner of it has been turned into a fairyland, with buntings, plants and flower sheets ingeniously contrived into a conclave with a pretty little settee or sofa placed there for Baba.

After taking bath upstairs, Baba came down at about 9:30. It was decided or rather agreed by Baba that for 24 hours today, he will act up to the mandali's instructions and orders! But when all desired him to sit on the specially decorated sofa he refused and brought forth apparently lame excuses. In spite of repeated requests, Baba finally sat down in the tent, and to the disappointment of all, he was garlanded there.

A very big heap of beautiful garlands, bouquets and flower baskets was accumulated around Baba. Many presents were also forced upon Baba by friends, relatives and admirers which were all distributed amongst the mandali with his own hands soon after. Thereafter, all freely indulged in feasting and frivolity. When Munshi came in the evening, he was very confident of persuading Baba to sit on the special seat. Once again, all tried to induce Baba in changing his decision, but to no purpose. Munshi too had to content himself in garlanding Baba while sitting on the ground....

The most entertaining programme of the day, that of singing, then began after supper. Three ghazal singers where brought for the occasion in which Yassin held the field to the end, and pleased Baba and all. The singing lasted till 4:30 A.M.!

As soon as the singing came to an end, most of the guests departed. The remaining went to sleep, while the mandali retired for the morning prayers. After the prayers, the mandali were allowed to sleep up to 11 o'clock. Breakfast was omitted today and all took dinner after getting up. Thereafter, a sports and playing programme was indulged in. Almost all the guests having departed, the atmosphere was more free and comfortable. Baba, too, freely participated with the mandali in the games and plays. Laughing was the order of the day. Everyone was made to laugh and laugh by Baba because he said it promoted digestion!

RAMJOO'S DIARIES 1922-1929, pp. 158-159
1979 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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