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Meher Baba

Births and deaths are illusory phenomena.

One really dies when one is born to live as God the Eternal, Who is beyond both birth and death.

It is easy to love Me because I am Love. But it is difficult to love Me with that love by which I am attained.

In this age of mess, My message is:

Hold fast to My daaman and be one hundred per cent honest in every way; because God besides being infinite Power, Knowledge and Bliss is also infinite Honesty. And so, by being honest in everything, you will be able to love God honestly as he ought to be loved.

I will be with you all who gather for My birthday to celebrate My being among you. I am wherever My lovers are.

Let my Message of Love through you lead My children to the shore of My Ocean of Love.

My Love will draw them to Me whose hearts long to have a dip in the Ocean of My Love.

MEHER BABA CALLING, p. none, ed. Jamshed B. Mistry & J. Flagg Kris
1988 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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