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Meher Baba

The world needs awakening, not mere verbal instructions. It needs the freedom and amplitude of Life Divine, not the superficiality of mechanised and pompous forms. The world-task ahead of me is creative. I see the structures of all the great and recognised religions of the world tottering.

True religion consists of developing that attitude of mind which results in seeing One Infinite Existence pervading the universe; then one could live in the world and yet not be of it, and at the same time one could be in harmony with everyone and everything; then one could attend to all worldly duties and affairs and yet feel completely detached from results.

I belong to no religion. Every religion belongs to me. My own personal religion is of my being the Ancient Infinite One and the religion I teach to all is love for God.


MEHER BABA ON LOVE, 2nd ed, p. 32
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