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Arnavaz N. Dadachanji

Meher Baba captured the hearts of all my family when I was only eight years old. From the first moment we saw His beautiful form, we were spontaneously drawn to Him, and He gradually deepened our faith and developed our understanding of His ways. My life with Baba shows clearly how He draws to Himself His chosen ones, who knowingly and even unknowingly yearn to be with Him. Throughout the years Beloved Baba brought everyone in my family closer and closer into the orbit of His perfect love. Baba's love and grace were His gifts, not only to us, but to all the fortunate generations of Dadachanjis who have since been born with a deep connection to and abiding love for the God-Man.

Some might say that I dedicated my life to Beloved Baba but, really speaking, it was He who determined that for me. None of us has the capacity to do anything for or give anything to the Highest of the High. He comes down as the God-Man to our level and He is the only one with true dedication. He dedicates His Supreme Self not only for humanity, but for stones, animals, and everything else in the universe. It is He who does everything. It is Baba's grace, love and compassion which give us the opportunity to do what He wants. And what He wants is for us to place our hands in His trusting Him to lead us wherever He wants us to tread and travel.

Baba told us to be natural with Him, yet He expected us always to hold Him in the highest respect. He said, "I come down to your level, but never bring me down to your level." Baba gave us the human side of God in order to show us how to love, sacrifice, suffer, be practical and serve. Throughout all, Baba's purity and divinity shone through His humanness, but sometimes when we became forgetful, He would have to say to us, "Remember, I am God."


GIFT OF GOD, pp. vi-vii
1996 © Meherazad Trust for Avatar Meher Baba


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