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Meher Baba

It is better to die than to live, better to fear than to die, and better to do than to fill.

By living, I mean leading a worldly life; by dying becoming one with God; by fearing returning to gross consciousness after the unification with the Almighty; by filling, I mean filling the hearts of others by divine love; and by doing making others spiritually perfect.

The meaning of my saying therefore is:

Better to be one with God than to lead a worldly life; better to return to gross consciousness after union with God than to remain unconscious and selfishly enjoy divine bliss; better to fill the hearts of others with divine love than to remain indifferent to humanity, and better to make others one with God than merely to fill their hearts with divine love.


THE PERFECT MASTER, pp. 55-56, C. B. Purdom
1976 © Sheriar Press, Inc.


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