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Note — An astrologer in Bombay, Govind Janardan Borkar, possesses a copy of this work and gave this reading from it to one of Meher Baba's devotees, who on his own initiative submitted his master's birth date but did not reveal the name of the person to whom it belonged. The devotee found the reading so remarkable that he thought others might be interested. The Journal has decided to print it allowing the astrological reading to speak for itself. — EDITOR.

BHRIGU RISHI was one of the great Rishis of ancient times. He lived about 4,000 years ago on the banks of the Narmada River and the present city of Broach derives its name from this great Rishi who lived there. His knowledge of the science of Astrology was very deep and proficient, and in his own lifetime and ever since has been considered an authority on the subject. The Bhrigu-Samhita written by him, is a compilation of thousands of Kundalis — life-charts.

The Bhrigu-Samhita derives its name of the great sage, Bhrigu, who wrote it. Samhita is a Sanskrit word meaning an arrangement of the hymnical texts of the Vedas into short sentences, named after the person by whom it was made; a compilation or compendium of laws, a code, a digest.

The Bhrigu-Samhita would thus mean a compilation, or code (on Astrology) written by Bhrigu. These life-readings are wonderfully accurate, as testified by all experts and others during all ages after the book was written by the great Rishi. Every astrologer worth the name knows of its existence, but very few possess it. None hitherto succeeded in securing the whole of it; and it is only lately that some parts of the work have been published in Meerut.

A word about the nature of this important work must be said here. It gives innumerable horoscopes of persons that can be born at all points of time, on every day of every month of every year. So that no horoscope of any person escapes being laid out in it; and the past, present and future events of all persons have been told with admirable accuracy with the help of astrological science.

Chart No. 299-300 from Bhrigu-Samhita

The person born under the Planetary effects as delineated in this chart would be very happy in life, the supporter of a family and the doer of great and good deeds.

Besides, he would attain to Yogavastha — the higher consciousness of the Yoga state.

The Ruler of the Rising sign being Saturn and in the ninth House in its exaltation, denotes that this person would become a great Yogi.

Venus situated in the Rising sign indicates that the person would be very illustrious and would attain to glory and fame all over the world.

Again, the Ascendent being in trine aspect with Jupiter, his devotion would be deep and intense, and with his blessings he would do good to others.

Mars in the twelfth House would create a desire for renunciation and he would be separated from his family. He would accidentally feel conscious that the world is unreal and life an illusion, and having a distaste for all things mundane would feel tired of the worldly life and renounce all.

Jupiter being in trine aspect with the Ascendent would indicate that his Word would be prophetic and must be fulfilled. He would always carry out whatever he thinks of and determines, and wouldn't leave undone any plan or project that he undertakes. So he would think out and plan big projects for the welfare of humanity and world-wide in their beneficial aspects and would successfully carry these all out.

Mars being in the twelfth, there is a likelihood of some quarrels during life, but after he leaves his corporeal body, he would be acclaimed and worshipped as a Great Being (Master).

He would be born in a good family.

His childhood would be quite peculiar; that is, his characteristics and inclinations would be strangely wonderful.

His whole life would be changed between the age of 25 to 30 and after 3 years the transformation would be phenomenal.

This person would be pure and good at heart.

He would be indifferent to food and drink and wouldn't care if he had his meals or not.

Although apparently he is in a human body, internally he would be full of the Divine element in him, which would only be known to those who come in contact with him.

His fame would spread far and wide, even in foreign countries and nations where people would be deeply and well impressed.

Many will witness and experience miracles at his hands.

He would attain to glory and power and would be esteemed even amongst the great personalities in the world.

He would attain to fame and glory even greater than his Guru (Master).

The enemy who would come to disturb and defeat him would find himself defeated (baffled) and would look to him with reverence. (Those who come to scoff would remain to pray.)

Anyone coming under his gaze or influence would be captivated and charmed. For his power of attraction and personality are marvelous.

He would be eternally happy.

He would always think of and do good to all. Would never harbour ill-feelings or do harm to any, for he has no malice.

Money would come to him in abundance. But he will spend and utilize it all to good purpose — for the welfare of humanity.

He would establish Ashrams (Retreats) even in foreign countries, and people over there would worship him.

The general tendency and state of his health would be quite peculiar — quite alright and well one moment, weak and unwell at the very next moment.

But this soul would be quite indifferent to all conditions of health, happiness, misery or suffering — considering and taking all conditions alike.

By nature, he would be very firm and indomitable of purpose. Would never leave things half done.

He has observed and undergone such severe penances and austerities in past lives as are sure to bring him definite fruits.

Why is he born? What is his life-purpose? For the uplift of his own community (race) and country, the spirit of God entered into his body and incarnated in human form for His great work.

The Sun being exalted and in the second House, the person could accomplish whatever he wishes. If he wishes good for others good would surely be done, and evil too if he ever wishes. But he would never wish or do evil to any, and would do good even to his enemies.

He would be indifferent to all the amounts of money he would receive and spend. This soul has to do much good work in the worId and he would do it both ways, externally as well as internally.

When he observes silence, the power of his penance would increase, and when he would break his silence and commence speaking, it would create an upheaval, not only in India but all over the world. And he would break his silence only for the great beneficial work for the world and for the uplift of humanity.

His coming in Divine contact with his Master is also miraculous, and just as a piece of stone would turn into gold by coming in contact with the philosopher's stone, his Master's name and fame would increase immensely through coming in contact with him.

His power of attraction would be magnetic and wonderful, and one who comes unto him would not go away uninfluenced.

If people should try to think of all his situations and circumstances, they would be surprised and say, "What is all this?" Even slanderers would be amazed.

A doctor is authorised to prescribe medicine for patients after he has passed his examinations, but this soul would cure people with ordinary pure water, and would be acclaimed a 'doctor of doctors'.

Whosoever comes in his contact becomes a devotee, and coming into contact with him, one would derive as much benefit as by coming in contact with a saintly person, or by having gone to a sacred place of pilgrimage. Even Sadhus and Saints would desire his contact.

In short, this soul would do some great work. Being born to carry out the will and work of God on earth, he would be the doer of deeds that would benefit the whole world.

This illustrious soul will not only prove to be the Saviour of his own family, but will be the medium of salvation for all who come in contact with him.

Yearly Aspects

1 to 5. — Happy years in family and social conditions.

6 to 10. — Education good; intellect sharp.

11 to 15. — Progress in studies. Happy with brothers.

16. — Good progress in studies.

17. — Miraculous Divine experience while studying.

18 to 23. — Higher spiritual experiences of planes, and absolute indifference and aloofness from life and things mundane.

24 to 30. — Beginning of fame. Will be publicly known to people.

31 to 32. — Change in physical conditions. Fast, silence and solitude.

32 to 40. — Would find some great inner purpose or motive for observing silence, as otherwise everything would be upset. People would be perplexed as to why he observes silence, and none could understand why he is doing all this. Yet, in spite of his silence, he would go on doing his wonderful work, as ever.

(The great sage, Bhrigu Rishi, who wrote this great work of Bhrigu-Samhita, says here that while writing this particular Kundali — life-chart — he himself was in a trance — Samadhi — and blissfully happy.)

46. — Failing health.

47 to 50. — Will create a great disciple, through his Grace. There is a likelihood of his appearing in the dreams of many, guiding them on in the Path, and would also direct or instruct remedies to which they would all say, "It is all truly amazing!" His energy would be tremendous, to such an extent that he would see, instruct and satisfy thousands during a day; working spontaneously from morning till evening. Whosoever comes for debate or discussion would find himself lost in his presence and acknowledge defeat with reverence.

50. — Likelihood of travels up to 50. His biography will be written in the West.

51 to 52. — Some new project for the welfare of humanity.

53. — His miracles will create enmity, but he wouldn't care, for he feels no enmity or ill-feeling for any.

54 to 60. — Great and well-known personages in the world will come to him. Will attain to great glory and accomplish great work.

61 to 63. — Splendid years. His great work for humanity will continue.

64. — Critical year (danger to life).

65 to 78. — His good work would go on increasing, spreading far and wide. His personal activities as an Avataric Atma (Incarnation of an Avatar) will cease.

79. — Passing off of the great soul from its mortal coil.


MEHER BABA JOURNAL, Vol. 3, No. 7, May 1941
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