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Najoo Kotwal

Baba was never worried about Hilloo's behaviour as long as she did well with her studies. I used to write long letters to Mummy about all the pranks Hilloo was playing and her attitude toward the nuns, and Mummy would take the letters to Baba and read them out to Him. Instead of looking angry, however, Baba always smiled and asked Mummy what rank Hilloo stood in her class. Mummy would say, "Well, she stood first as usual."

Then Baba would say in gestures, "Why on earth are you complaining about Hilloo? She is just high spirited, as some children are." Mummy would go back to her room, still thinking about what a difficult child my sister was.

Whenever Hilloo returned to Meherabad, no matter what I had written about her behavior, Beloved Baba welcomed her lovingly. When He asked how things were with her at school, Hilloo always told Him about how unhappy she was with some particularly nasty nun who spanked her for little reason. Baba would pinch her cheeks, make a kissing gesture with His lips and just like a loving father, tell her not to worry, that everything would be fine.

Immediately Hilloo would feel happy and carefree again. And when she returned to school, a classmate always told her, to her great delight, that the nun who had beaten her had been transferred. Soon, however, another nun was nasty to her or beat her when she was naughty, so again Hilloo would complain to Baba. And sure enough, when she returned to school, that nun, too, would have been transferred.

This sequence of events happened three times, and of course Hilloo knew that her Big Daddy was helping her. Mummy agreed that all these nuns being transferred was certainly no coincidence, but she continued to believe that Hilloo was very spoiled.


2006 © Meherwan Kotwal


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