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Adi K. Irani

When Meher Baba left Bangalore — He lived there for six months — He entrusted me with all the property and various things there for the next three years. The whole of Bangalore was conversant with Baba's presence because of the huge programs that were held.

And do you know, sir, that I was very hesitant to perform arti openly in my own house because people might have come in and given me importance, worshipping me as the foremost disciple of Meher Baba. That is how the mandali have been disciplined — to keep away from any homage. I could have become a very big guru, sir, with a black beard and robe, but gurus are not wanted in Baba's family. Baba never wanted any sanyasins (renunciates) in His family.

Meher Baba says, "Live in the world; take up all the responsibilities of your life, and play your honest part. Do not hesitate. Remember Me. Why? For your own good, not because I will change your destiny or remove your difficulties. But I will give you the inner strength to fight the battle of life."


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