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Mani S. Irani

This brings to mind the words of Babajan, one of the five Perfect Masters of our present Avatar's time. When we were in Poona last month, Meher Baba told Mehera and myself one morning to visit the tomb of Babajan and place on it a "sheet" of flowers.

The tomb graces the shady "neem" tree under which Babajan used to sit throughout all weathers, situated at the section where three busy roads meet. Later, a shelter was built for her; and many devotees would gather there, particularly in the evenings, and this would often hold up traffic.

Whenever Baba refers to her, he invariably uses the words "Incomparable; matchless!" and once said: "She came all the way from Baluchistan to settle in Poona for my destined meeting with her."

After we had paid our respects, Mehera and I stopped for a while at the Jessawalas and Eruch's little aunt told us of her first visit to Babajan years ago. Babajan asked her where she had come from and at the reply "From Meher Baba" she exclaimed: "From my Beloved Meher! My Son! Some day the whole world will call out Meher, Meher! All the trees will cry out Meher, all the birds will sing Meher!"


IT SO HAPPENED, p. 29, ed. William Le Page
1978 © Meher Baba Foundation


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