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Adi K. Irani

Very early morning, all the devotees gathered near Baba at Sadashiv's house, and before beginning the journey Baba decided to give them a small breakfast. He chose Dr. Ghani and me to go to a small restaurant nearby and bring a plate of cream and bread and a cup of tea for each one.

When the man in the restaurant began to prepare this, I felt hungry and enticed to eat but dared not to do it on my own initiative. I asked Ghani and he gave his assent.

When we reached Sadashiv's house with the consignment carried by servants, we were late and Baba at once asked us the cause for the delay. I admitted to have taken the breakfast myself first, but on Ghani's consent. Ghani said that I did it on my own.

Baba became "furious" and this was the first lesson I got from him. With a violent impact of his hand, I was shaken to the depth of my ego. The mind though convinced of the cause justifying the rap I received, revolted, but the heart was too full with his love and at once silenced the mind.

The number of blows I have had in my life at his chastising hands ever cherished in me a sweet reforming memory of my weaknesses.


RAMJOO'S DIARIES 1922-1929, p. 374, Ramjoo Abdulla
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