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Arnavaz N. Dadachanji

After we had been in Meherabad for a few days, Baba called me to Mehera's room, where they gave me presents for my engagement. All the gifts were in a blue embroidered cloth bag with a wooden handle.

One by one Baba showed me the presents — including a lovely photo of Him in an 8 x 10 silver frame, a small compact for powder and rouge with a watch on the outside, and a scarf — then put them back in the bag and gave it to me. Baba also gave me a pair of gold earrings and a blue sari with a green border that had belonged to Mehera.

He told me that He had not previously given away any clothes which had been worn by Mehera and that I was very fortunate to receive this sari. I felt blessed by these expressions of Baba's and Mehera's love.

GIFT OF GOD, p. 71
1996 © Meherazad Trust for Avatar Meher Baba


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